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My Tradie Site

Frequently asked questions

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I already have a website, but I want to change it. Can I work with you?

Yes. If you want a website upgrade and redesign, we can accommodate. We also work with businesses that do not have any online presence.

We have clients such as Totally Frameless and Oz Tree Services who came to us with existing websites.

How long does it take to build a website?

A pre-made design typically takes less than two weeks once we have received your information. A custom website can take between 4 and 6 weeks from the initial design phase to going live.

I don’t have time to write my content. Can you do it?
Yes. Our website packages include five pages of professionally written content. We’ll ask you some simple questions so the content is accurate, and then we’ll write out the main pages on your website.
Which digital marketing option should I select? SEO or Ads?

It depends on the needs of your business. Each digital marketing approach has its benefits. SEO is a longer-term approach that can generate quality organic leads without additional Ad costs. Google Ads can produce fast, targeted leads, but it incurs Ad costs.

You can call our team on (03) 8402 0250 to learn which approach would suit your business.

Why do I need ongoing website hosting and support?

Websites need ongoing maintenance to perform at their best. Our hosting and support plans include regular backups, 24/7 uptime monitoring, security threat detection, WordPress updates and reporting. Your website is at risk of crashing, being hacked, loading very slowly or not being fully responsive without these support features.

Can I host my website myself?

No. My Tradie Site‘s are a hosted service. Because we take care of everything, it is important that we host the wesbite on our secure, Australian-based servers.

Why is digital marketing for tradies so important?

More than ever, your customers are searching for a local tradie online. Data shows that 97% of users search online to find a local business and 88% of users who search for a local business on a mobile device contact the business within 24 hours.

How do I know which digital marketing option to choose?

It depends on your business needs and goals – each digital marketing strategy has a different approach with its own set of benefits. Our team will discuss the options with you and can recommend the best approach for your business.

Can't I just add my business to local business directories?

Online directory sites are part of a great digital marketing strategy for tradies but they aren’t enough on their own. A custom marketing plan allows us to position your business in all places your potential customers are searching.

How long does it take to see results from my digital marketing campaign?

Again, it depends on the strategy chosen and the current online position and authority of your business. Google Ads can produce faster, targeted leads but incurs Ads costs. SEO generates quality organic leads without additional Ads costs but is a longer term strategy. Generally we recommend a minimum 6 month commitment to see the best results.

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