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It’s time to get instant online leads with Google Ads management for tradies.

We Manage Your Google Ads, So You Can Focus On Your Business

Google Ads are a great tool to guarantee your business is page one in the search results, showing up where your potential customers are actively searching. Our Google Ad management services at My Tradie Site provide reliable results for all our trade clients wanting fast returns on their marketing efforts. Google Ads yield outstanding results and are fully customisable, offering the results you need, fast!

Google Ads for Tradies
Google Ads Management For Tradies

Professional Ads Management for Tradies

Our professional marketing team handles all of our Google Ad management services. The results are instant and include:

  • Setting up your Google ads account
  • Instant traffic flow, coming from users searching for your keywords
  • Access to all results from your campaign on the Google ads platform
  • Aim to increase your online leads clients and your bottom line
  • Custom Google Ads Strategy tailored to your industry and location
  • Recommend a Google ads budget that will deliver results
  • Communication with your dedicated Campaign Manager
  • Benefit from our decades of extensive industry experience with Google Ad campaigns.

Tradies – Get Your Free Google Ads Consultation

If you’re new to using marketing for your business, Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) can be a great stepping stone to set you up for more in-depth marketing strategies down the road. We pride ourselves on our simple three-step process: Enhance your local presence, get more leads and increase your revenue. No confusing terminology or difficult tasks are thrown at you, we will guide you at every step of the process.

Thinking of using Google Ads for your business’s website? Contact our team for a consultation to find out:

  • If Google Ads for tradies is right for your business.
  • Have a website review to determine how to use Google Ads for your business.
  • For our team to provide a scope of opportunities your business could use to grow.
  • For us to find out what your online presence goals are.
  • And for you to see if our services would benefit your business.
Google Adwords For Tradies

Recent Google Ads Results for Tradies

Why Should You Choose My Tradie Site for Your Google Ads?

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Our main focus is getting results for your website. Our Google Ads campaigns focus on your business goals to bring in more trade projects and more revenue.
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You know that quality means everything in the trade industry. At My Tradie Site, Google Ads is our craft and we work tirelessly to provide only the best quality service. We have over a decade of proven results and we’re excited to share our expertise to help your trade business thrive.
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At My Tradie Site, we love data because numbers don’t lie! We keep a close eye on your numbers and analyse ways to strengthen your Google Ads campaign from start to finish.

All Your Google Ads For Tradies Questions: Answered!

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads work on a bidding system where you compete against other businesses also running Google Ads for a particular search term or keyword. There’s a lot to consider in managing a successful Ads campaign, including cost per click, daily budget, keyword competition, ad content, negative keywords, quality score, landing pages and more which is why working with an experienced team is so important.

Which is better, SEO or Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Both methods yield amazing results for our clients. When it comes down to which is better for your business, your target audience and marketing goals are important to consider. Google Ads campaigns provide instant results for businesses, whereas SEO campaigns are a long-term commitment with website optimisation and keywords being implemented.

How do I know how my Google Ads for tradies campaign is performing?
Each month we send detailed reports so all clients can see the tangible results from their campaigns. These reports include a dashboard with all the SEO and Google Ad results that update in real-time and fortnightly communication with your Campaign manager about your campaign’s performance and any changes they need you to make to your website.
Why can’t I see my Google Ad when I Google myself, even though I have an Ads campaign running?
This is a common concern our clients have, and as tempting as it is – don’t google yourself. There are several reasons your Ads might not show up when you search, including geographical, keyword and past-user behaviours. We recommend using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool on the Google Ads page if you’re concerned about this. When you use this tool, you can see what your ad looks like without the risk of impacting statistics or ad relevance.
What is the difference between PPC and Google Ads?
Pay-per-click (PPC) refers to advertising where a business pays a nominated amount each time a user clicks on the ad. Google Ads is Google’s form of PPC where the ad space (the place where the ads are displayed) is on the search engine results page (SERP).
How much does Google Ads for tradies cost?
You pay nothing for your website to be advertised – payment is only for the clicks on your Ad. You have complete control over how much of your marketing budget you wish to put behind this, so don’t worry about racking up extensive bills each month.

Calling All Aussie Tradies — Are You Ready To Boost Your Business?

Whatever digital marketing tools you need to boost your business to the first page, we can help. Get more website visitors, generate more leads and increase your revenue with our Google Ads management packages. Book a non-obligation assessment with us, and together we can look at the following:

Website Experts
Business Goals
What can you offer that your competitors can’t? What is your point of difference? What are your long-term plans?
Quality Website and Marketing Services
What are your competitors doing with their digital marketing? Are there any gaps in your website that competitors are filling?
Local Marketing Specialists
Looking at your website and key search terms, we can help you spot any missed opportunities that can be filled.
Local Marketing Specialists
We can create tailored recommendations for your business to set your website up for success by putting these three aspects together.
Google Ads For Tradesmen

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