Temple Locksmiths & Security

Campaign Highlights

Increased the number of new users coming to the website by 237.24%

Increased organic user traffic by 233.78%

Increasing total sessions on the website by 230.30%

Case Study Temple Locksmiths Campaign Results Traffic

As a result of successfully ranking multiple suburb-based locksmith keywords within the top 3 positions on Google, we can see that year-on-year traffic to the website has exploded. We’ve seen:

Temple Locksmiths & Security provide an extensive range of locksmith and security services to their diverse range of customers based in Melbourne.

Temple Locksmiths & Security pride themselves on old fashioned service that you expect, backed up with the latest in security technology products and knowledge.

Temple Locksmith SEO Campaign Goals

Campaign Goals

The goal of the SEO campaign was to build an online presence in both Eltham and the surrounding suburbs in Melbourne. We did this by targeting suburb-based locksmith keywords so when Joe Smith, who lives in Eltham, types in ‘locksmith Eltham’ into Google – Temple pops up first on Google.

In order to target each suburb, our strategy involved creating individual suburb-based keyword pages for each suburb that we wanted to rank for. These suburb pages are built specifically as a way to capture search traffic based around a particular suburb.

Temple Locksmiths Phone calls
Phone Calls

In the same time period – the number of people clicking on a tel-link has increased 365.38% from 26 clicks to 121 clicks.

A tel-link is a phone number link created on a website, usually in the form of a text link, button or image. When you click on this link, customers can start a direct phone call connected to a phone number of your choice – in this case, it was the mobile number of the business so customers could call and request a locksmith come out to them immediately.

Case Stud  Temple Locksmiths Campaign Results Phone Calls
Case Study Temple Locksmiths Campaign Results Keyword Rankings
Keyword Rankings

Over the last 12 months we’ve dominated many of the local suburbs around Eltham, and a few further out, taking one of the top 3 positions on Google.

Our method of building relevance and authority for all of our client websites is what allows us to rise in the Google SERPs over time, and has consistently outperformed our local competition.

Case Study Temple Locksmiths Keyword Rankings
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