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Are you the owner of a trade business looking for expert guidance and unmatched support?

Our business coaching program for tradies can help you save time, boost business performance and increase revenue.

Learn how to control your time and save 10 hours a week in a supportive group coaching environment.

We know that trade business owners often work 50+ hours a week. Sound relatable?

If so, you’re not alone. When we start working with business owners, they are often so overwhelmed with business tasks that the rest of their life is put on hold.

Are you:
  • First in and last out every day working 50+ hours a week?
  • Frustrated that your team won’t work productively without your constant attention?
  • Struggling to find time to get to the work you know you should be doing to grow your business?
  • Missing out on time with your partner, family and friends because of your business?
  • Neglecting your health because you just don’t have time?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then our Time Maximiser coaching program will get you back 10 hours a week every week within the next 60 days!

When you have more time, you will focus on the activities that grow your business, like quoting, following up on quotes, invoicing, marketing and much more.

tradies websites

The Time Maximiser coaching program teaches time control – helping you to work less and earn more.

When you join the Time Maximiser coaching program, you’ll get:
  • Video lessons on the six core skills to gain control of your time.
  • Worksheets for each core skill enable you to customise the implementation of these core skills to your unique business and personality.
  • Weekly group coaching calls to work through any difficulty you have with implementing these core skills into your unique business.
  • Access to a community who are going through or who have completed this program. This community can answer questions and support you.

The program focuses on three core areas:

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We will move you from being busy and stressed to relaxed and effective.

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We will move you from being reactive to proactive.

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We will move them from being problem identifiers to problem solvers – so you don’t have to solve their problems.

Our Money Back Guarantee!

If you find that this is not for you within the first two weeks, we will refund you your investment.

If you have implemented the six core skills at the end of the 60 days and have not got 10 hours back in your week, we will refund your investment.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so get started today!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Since working with Alan I have bought a multi-million dollar business that I work in part time. With Alan’s help I planned how I could operate the business and still drop off and pick up my kids from school, take regular holidays and take days off as needed. We also worked through many solutions during a time of great uncertainty with the pandemic. This has allowed me to grow the business by 6% while still maintaining the life balance that I wanted.


Since working with Alan, I have been able to successfully semi-retire from my business, I still earn the exact same income and have a team of awesome staff whom I can trust to keep everything running smoothly.

We have meetings weekly to ensure I am fully up to date with all that’s is happening within my business.

I don’t believe I would have achieved this without Alan’s coaching and guidance.


Since working with Alan over the last 6 months we have increased work 500%, we are expanding the team and I’m working less hours than I was. In fact, I’m now able to play golf on Monday and work from home on Friday.


Meet your coach

Alan Short

Alan has been coaching for more than eight years helping business owners control their time and grow their business.

Alan is the real deal; he owns a multimillion-dollar fire protection maintenance company that he runs in an hour or two each day. But it wasn’t always like that; he used to be the centre of the business, starting early, finishing late and working on weekends. He was a slave to his customers, his team and his business. By applying the six core skills outlined in the Time Maximiser coaching program, he gained control of his time and grew his business.

Alan is passionate about eliminating what he calls “entrepreneurial slavery”, one client at a time.

“Working harder and longer is not the solution; there is an alternative that is easier and more rewarding.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is business coaching?

If you have ever played a sport, then you know what a coach does; they teach you things that you don’t know, refine the implementations of the skills you do know and support you. That’s precisely what a business coach does but in your business.

Why do I need a coach?

Do you see those other owners who seem to work less and make more money with less stress? They know something that you don’t … and they probably learnt it the hard way or from someone else – a coach.

So, you can continue to struggle, or you can get a coach and take a short cut.

Why small group coaching?

Working on your business is hard; it takes dedication and focus. There are three levels of accountability for keeping you focused. The first is self-motivation; for most of us, this is the weakest. If it were strong, we would be working on our businesses already. The second level is “coach” accountability; this is where a business coach keeps you accountable. While this is usually enough, there is a better motivation. The highest level of motivation is public accountability; we achieve this by making you accountable to the other people in your small group. We ask you to return the favour and make others accountable to you.

The second reason is the community; being a business owner can be lonely and isolating. Being part of a small group of business owners going through similar issues helps you feel connected and part of something bigger. This is often why people stay in group coaching programs or want to help out as mentors to owners on the path they have already walked.

Why online coaching sessions?

We use online meeting software (Zoom) as it reduces everyone’s time commitment. If we were having a meeting at a central location in your city, then you might spend an hour’s travel each way, doubling your time commitment.

We aim to give you freedom; online meetings allow you to participate from anywhere around the country or the world. The members of your small group will likely be from other regions or states.

How much time do I need?

You will be committing at least two hours a week to the group coaching call and implementing the six core skills to get control of your time.

But you don’t have time for that … now, but within two weeks, you will have found those 2 hours within your working week using the core skills we teach.
By the end of the coaching program, you will have ten extra hours a week to do what you want.

How long is the program?

You will have access to the course content and the community for life.

You will have access to the coaching calls for only 60 days. If at the end of the 60 days, you want to extend your access to the coaching call, we will discuss your options.

What is the cost?

Before we speak about cost, let’s explore the larger concept of value.

If you could invest $100 for a return of $500, would you invest? What if you could invest $10,000 for a return of $50,000 would you invest? Of course you would!

So, what are 10 hours of work worth for you? Depending upon your industry, you could charge a client from $60 to $400 an hour, so 10 hours is worth between $600 and $4,000. Remember this is each week, so over 60 days, this time saving is worth $4,800 to $32,000. And, since the time saving is ongoing, the return is significantly higher.

The Time Maximiser coaching program is $1,950, which is an outstanding investment.

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Get Started

Time Maximiser Coaching Program

To register, simply fill out the following form and book in with our Lead Coach, Alan Short, for a 15-minute discovery call. During this call, we will discuss how you are using your time at work now, how you would like to use your time and the core skills you need to focus on in the Time Maximiser coaching program to ensure that you control your time as quickly as possible.