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Why Tradies Need To Rank On Google

Jul 1, 2022 | Blog

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Why tradies need to rank on googleAs a tradie, it’s important that you rank as high as possible on Google so that potential customers can easily find you. However, many tradies are unaware of the steps they need to take to improve their ranking.

In this post, My Tradie Site will outline the basics of SEO and provide some tips on how tradies can improve their ranking on Google.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO is important for tradies because it can help them to attract more potential customers to their website.

This blog will provide tradies with an overview of SEO and how it can benefit your tradie business.

1. The importance of ranking on Google for tradies

If you’re a tradie, it’s important to rank high on Google so that potential customers can easily find you.

One of the best ways to do this is through SEO – or search engine optimisation. By optimising your website and content for keywords that are relevant to your business, you can improve your ranking on Google and attract more leads.

2. How tradies can improve their ranking on Google

There are a few simple things tradies can do to improve their ranking on Google. Keywords are important, so using terms like tradie and SEO will help your website rank higher. You should also make sure your website is easy to navigate, and that the content is relevant and up-to-date. Regularly updating your website with fresh content will also help to improve your ranking.

In addition to these basic tips, there are a number of other things tradies can do to improve their SEO. For more information, check out our blog post on the subject. If you have any questions about tradie SEO or anything else, feel free to get in touch with us.

3. The benefits of ranking higher on Google for tradies

There are many benefits to ranking higher on Google for tradies. Most importantly, it can help tradies get more leads and more business. This is because when people search for a tradie in their area, the top results will be the tradies who have ranked highest based on their SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts. It can also help tradies build credibility and trust with potential customers, as they will see that the tradie is popular and has a good reputation.

Finally, it can help tradies stand out from their competition, as many tradies will not be investing in SEO and therefore will not be appearing as high up in the search results. All of these benefits can lead to more business and more money for tradies. So if you’re a tradie, make sure you’re doing everything you can to rank higher on Google!

4. Tips and tricks for improving your Google ranking as a tradie

Here are some tips and tricks for improving your Google ranking:

Tip 1: Optimise your images: Google can’t ‘read’ your images. So it’s your job to show Google what your images are! You can do this by adding ‘alt text’ to your images. This is a short description of what the image is, and it helps Google to understand what the image is about.

Tip 2: Claim your Google Business Profile: Your Google Business Profile is one of the most important factors in your local search visibility. Have you claimed yours yet?

Tip 3: Add new content regularly: Adding website content is important because it helps potential customers learn about your tradie business and keeps your website fresh and active in the eyes of Google.

Tip 4: Optimise your website for mobile: Mobile optimisation is important because more and more people are using their phones to search for things on the internet. If your website isn’t optimised for mobile, it will be harder for people to find you.

Tip 5: Use relevant keywords: As a tradie, it’s important to use relevant keywords on your website so that potential customers can easily find you. Try to use keywords that are specific to your trade, such as “plumber” or “electrician”.
Tradies have a unique opportunity to rank their business high on Google, as people often use this search engine when looking for tradie services. While it may take some effort and investment to achieve a high ranking, the payoff can be significant in terms of new customers and increased profits. In this article, we’ve outlined some tips tradies can use to improve their SEO.

If you’re looking for tradie SEO, then book a call with us today. We can help you elevate your business in the search engines so you can generate more business online!


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